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We are students like you, who live the university every day. Click here to find out more and get the contact details of our representatives.



We are constantly informing students about the various innovations within the polytechnic and the work we are carrying out.



In this section you can find information about all the trips, events and meetings we organise. Here you will also find links to subscribe to the initiatives.



Contact us for anything you need by e-mail. One of our representatives will get back to you quickly. Also, find out when and how you can meet us.

Where do we work?
In which bodies are we elected?

Whatever course of study you attend, you always have one of us to turn to.

On 14 and 15 May 2019, elections were held at Politecnico di Milano for the renewal of student representatives in all representative bodies. Lista Aperta per il Diritto allo Studio ranked as the second most voted list (27%). This allowed us to obtain one seat out of four in the Academic Senate and one seat out of two in the Board of Directors. We are also present in every Joint Committee. In addition to all this, there is also the result of the Course Councils: although the candidatures are nominal, 80 elected representatives have decided to work together with our List. We believe it is essential to involve all of them in the work of the next two-year period, in order to achieve a university representation that starts from the “bottom”.

Central bodies

2 out of 6

Student Council

9 out of 26

Joint Committees

7 out of 20

Course Councils

80 out of 198
Our Team
Here are the representatives in the main bodies you can always turn to.


Academic Senate

Second year of Automation Engineering. From Milan, elected to the Academic Senate.


Board of Directors

Second year of Management Engineering. He comes from Crema (CR), elected to the Board of Directors.

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