Ukraine crisis – How can I help?

Since the war broke out, we at Lista Aperta have immediately wondered what concrete help we could give to help the thousands of people who have seen their lives completely changed in the space of a few days. The ongoing war is affecting the entire population of those territories and students like us have been called to abandon their daily lives to go to the front and put their lives at stake. We are deeply convinced that the ongoing violence is a threat to democratic principles and human rights and we recognize that dialogue and peace are fundamental principles of coexistence between peoples.

This situation cannot leave us indifferent.

We decided to create a guide that collects the closest ways for us students of the Polytechnic to collect basic necessities that will be sent to the war territories and funds for NGOs in the area to help refugees.

If you know of any associations or collections please write us so we can update the list!

Collect for Ukraine – Design Campus

Some students of the School of Design have mobilized in the last few days together with the Politecnico to organize a collection of basic necessities inside the Candiani Campus.

This collection is organized together with the Ukrainian consulate that is based here in Milan. The space that the Poli has made available will be only a temporary warehouse, from here the collected material will be sent to a bigger warehouse active since days and it will be sent to the border.

Below is their message with all the indications:

“We are a group of students from the school of design and we are going to collect goods of primary needs for Ukraine 🇺🇦 at Politecnico school of Design. Everywhere in Europe, there are collection points that are organized to send goods to Ukraine, but they still need help to support people at the borders and in the country. We are a big network. Together, with a small contribution from each of us, we can raise a lot!
You are welcome to give what you can, even just supporting us with a song or some company during the collection would be great!

When do we do the collection?🚨
Monday 07/03, h.10.30-18.30

Tuesday 08/03, h.10.30-18-30

Wednesday 09/03, h.10.30-15

Tuesday 10/03, h.10.30-18

Friday 11/03, h.10.30-18

Where will you find us?🚨
Building B4, entrance in front of the oval. Campus Bovisa Candiani, Politecnico di Milano

What do we need?🚨
Non-perishable food, medicine, hygiene and sanitary products, winter clothes, body protection products. You can find a detailed list on the posters inside the Politecnico, on the email sent by the school or at our stand when you come!

🙏Thanks for everything friends, together we can do something beautiful that will help.🙏💪🤍”

Below is the list of things you will be able to donate:

AVSI International

AVSI, a non-profit organization founded in 1972, carries out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in 38 countries, including Italy.

Its vision: to work for a world in which every person is a protagonist in the integral development of himself and his community, even in emergency contexts.

In the last year it has helped about 5 million people in difficulty, of which 21,412 children through distance support.

Since February 24 AVSI has been active in helping the hundreds of thousands of people who have left their homes and crossed the borders to seek safety and peace.

Operating in Ukraine since 2014, thanks to the collaboration with Emmaus, a local organization, it has maintained over the years a relationship of closeness with the Ukrainian population:

For this reason, at the outbreak of the war, it immediately organized emergency interventions in the border areas of Poland and Romania, in collaboration with two partners present in the two countries, AVSI Polska and Asociația FDP-Protagonists in educatie.

Below we leave the link to their website where you can better understand how they are helping people in need and donate!

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