Opening of study spaces

The safe reopening of the study spaces at the Politencnico is the conclusion of a work carried out in crisis units that will continue in the coming days to guarantee more and more services in presence and in safety. For us it is a priority.

Here are the spaces that have opened!


BCL library 50 seats
Aquarium 87 seats
Interfaculty 58 seats
Agorà 77 seats


B12 130 seats
BL27 56 seats
BBC library 50 seats
B1 Candiani 101 seats

Here are the opening procedures, all detailed information can be found on the Poli website at this link.

  • The study spaces will be open from 9 to 19 by reservation.
  • The reservation will be daily.
  • Before accessing the spaces, the temperature will be measured as per regional provisions
  • For each access, the self-certification on online services must be completed under the “risk mitigation self-certification form”
  • There will be signs for the correct use of the spaces. Furthermore, sanitizing gel will be present in all entrances
  • It is allowed to leave your station to use the open spaces and the vending machines for drinks and food.

We are already working together with the offices to ensure further openings on Monday 29th (for example interfaculty and B27), including additional spaces on the Design / Durando campus.

Lista Aperta team.

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