Venice and the Architecture Biennale- Lista Aperta

On November 16th and 17th, Lista Aperta will take you to the beautiful Venice, the city on water that the whole world envies Italy for. The proposal spans over two days. On the first day, we will depart from Milan’s Central Station by train to reach Venice’s Santa Lucia Station.

The rest of the day in Venice will be a unique opportunity to explore the city, get lost in its canals, and admire its most beautiful views before concluding the day with a relaxing overnight stay in the heart of this fascinating lagoon city.

On the second day, we will visit the Architecture Biennale Gardens in the morning and then have the entire day to explore and discover the artistic and architectural wonders of this special edition.

In the evening, we will return to Milan, once again using the train as our means of transportation. A participation fee will be required to cover the costs of accommodation, travel expenses, and the exhibition ticket.

Mark the date, keep your schedule open, and hurry to sign up as the tour is limited to only 30 participants and it will cost you 60€!

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Registrations to join the visit will open on this website on 9th of November at 12:00 AM.

This initiative is realized with the support of Politecnico di Milano

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