Coronavirus emergency

Joint announcement by the students’ representatives

Dear colleagues,

In ordere to face the coronavirus emergency and to coordinate with all the Local and National institutions, the Politecnico di Milano instituted a crysis unit held by the Rector, Ferruccio Resta; the President of the students’ council Alessio Rocca and the the student commission are in direct and constant contact with the unit.

Following the CRUI indications, the Lombardy’s universities will remain closed during the week from the 24th to the 29th of february, waiting for updates regarding the situation.

The Politecnico is available to find extraordinary solutions given the situation: institutional appointments and exams will be made up.

The closure of the Cremona and Piacenza’s campuses has been prescribed by communal decrees.

We will adjust to the guidelines given by local and national authorities.
Waiting for other news by the Politecnico, we invite everyone to keep calm and avoid any kind of allarmism.

We invite you to only stick to the news publoshed by official authorities and university sites.

The students’ representatives:

Alessio Rocca
Matteo Oggioni
Tecla Trifilò
Marco Guerini
Marco Airoldi
Giorgio Travaglini

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