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Lista Aperta proposes a visit to an important Italian manufacturing company called CMS S.p.a. (CMS: Machining Centres, Thermoforming & Cutting Systems | SCM Group)  which is part of SCM Group (SCM Group: Woodworking Machines and Systems).  

CMS produces controlled numerically multi-axis machining centers, thermoforming machines and waterjet cutting systems. CMS is specialized in the production of machines for cutting several materials and composites. CMS represents excellence in many industries, such as: aerospace, automotive, marine industry, production of wind turbines, eyewear, building, architecture, interior design, sculpture and many more. 

This event has the objective to answer to this question: What’s the role of the engineer in a firm? And what does it deal with? 

We will focus on manufacturing, especially taking account of production departments and technologies listed below:  

  • CN for Aluminium (VM) 
  • Extruder for Large Additive Manufacturing (Kreator)  
  • Waterjet cutting 

The visit starts with a brief presentation of CMS company together with SCM Group. After that, waterjet cutting is presented explaining its traditional and innovative applications. This allows to compare waterjet cutting with other types of cutting technologies and its role on the market.  

Then, we’ll move to production departments in order to experience the live demo regarding technologies listed above.  Furthermore, we’ll see how the production is organized in both two plants A and Z. Before moving to second plant, we’ll have lunch together in the company’s cafeteria.  

Finally, we remember that company is composed mainly by workers and its shown in the next video:

Visit ends at 3:30 pm approximately.  

You will be able to sign up on this page on the 6th April at 12:00

Initiative realized with the contribution of the Politecnico of Milan.

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  • Start Date
    27 April 2023 10:00
  • End Date
    27 April 2023 15:30
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