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We are students like you, we spend most of our days at the university and so we are interested in trying to make a positive impact on the place where we are. Priority: living the university.

Here we meet people and here we want to enjoy these fundamental years, living them as protagonists! This is why we are standing in the university elections and we want to meet anyone who defends this way of conceiving and living the university. We are convinced that all capable and deserving people without means should have access to this education: this is why we are working mainly on the right to study and teaching.

We are pursuing a way of making representation that works without wanting to impose itself, but rather trying to build something positive in dialogue with the other lists and with the institution: for us, the other person’s point of view is an enrichment, it should be understood before being criticised. This way of conceiving and living the university and representation characterises our list in a history that has continued since the mid-1980s.

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