2023 Elections

Over the past few months, it has been difficult not to come across articles highlighting students’ discomfort in a university that risks becoming a trance of lectures, exams, stress and performance anxiety. Is this really all there is? We have seen, in our years at the Politecnico, that there is something more, that the university can transform itself into a place of encounter and dialogue where the student is at the centre.

Convinced that the university must be for the student and not vice versa, we have come up with some proposals that we consider central. From a renewed Didactics, where the student is an active protagonist of his or her own academic path, to economic aid for those who need it most, represented by the Right to Study; without neglecting Spaces, a fundamental resource for the university to be fully experienced.
This interest of ours, through a lively dialogue in the representative bodies, has as its ultimate goal that every student comes to call the university home.

We want policies that do not leave the student alone, that help the formation of a community, that make the university a path to take together.

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