Academic calendar 20/21 PoliMi

In the last session of the Academic Senate the new academic calendar 2020-2021 was approved. The structure hasn’t changed greatly compared to this year, both in terms of mid-term exams, full ones and exam calls for bachelor and master degrees.

The structure, organised in semesters, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degree sessions, is illustrated below.

I semester 

The lectures will begin on the 14th of September immediately after the exam session and they will end on the 23th December. Mid-term exams will be at the beginning of November, exactly 6-7-9-11. Christmas holidays will be from the 24st of December to 6th of January.

The winter exam session will start on the 11th of January, after the break from 7th to 9th , and will end on  the 20th of February.

II semester

The second semester lectures will begin on the 22nd of February while the second mid-term exams will be on the second week of April , exactly from the 21st to 24th.

Lectures will end on the 6th of June.

From the 7th to the 9th of June there will be a break and exams will start on the 14th. The summer exam session will end on the 31st of July.

Bachelor degree

The exam calls for bachelor graduations will be during the months of September, March and July.

There will be graduations on the 24th and 25th of September, on the 3rd and 4th of March and on th 20,21 and 22 of July.

Master degree

Concerning Master graduations there will be four call. Moreover during the days of master graduations all lectures will be suspended. These are on:

  • 1-2 October;
  • 15-16 December;
  • 27-28 April;
  • 22-23 July.

Contact us for any question and information.

Good luck for your studies and exams!!

Lista Aperta Team

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