New Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM): what happens at Polimi?

Tomorrow Friday, November 6th, the new Prime Ministerial Decree, together with an order of the Ministry of Health, will become effective in Italy. The ordinance identifies Lombardy as a “red tier zone”: in this post we will explain what this means for us.

The instruction is for university to switch to 100% online teaching for at least two weeks. Still, there are some activities that can be kept in presence; the Lombard Regional University Committees (CUR) has identified them including: workshops for undergraduate and graduate students, internship activities, access to libraries and study rooms.

General Informations

  • This is very important: every time you leave your house, you must have a valid reason certified by a self-certification. (Link in Bio);
  • Off-site students can return home, even after the DPCM comes into force.

New Guidelines

  • Teaching and exams will switch to 100% online. Professors can still use the campus’ audio-video systems for their lessons.
  • Laboratories will be open for research activities, undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Libraries and study rooms will be open.

We are about to face a difficult period. We will try to be as close to you as we can. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask question or reports, and text us on our social media (InstagramFacebook) or by email at!

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