Thanks to the great work of our representatives in recent months, it was approved in the meeting of the Board of Directors that also for the academic year 2020/2021, DSU Scholarships will actually be awarded to ALL eligible students.

We thank our University for the strong decision, remembering that in the last ten academic years the Politecnico has intervened on the subject of the right to study with its own funds to support deserving students without means, guaranteeing the payment of the scholarship at 100% of eligible students.

This year, 6823 scholarships will therefore be awarded for a total need of approximately € 24,000,000. Assuming that the resources assigned by the Region could amount to approximately € 18,200,000, a co-financing by the University of € 5,900,000 will be provided in order to be able to cover all those eligible to receive the DSU scholarship.

Having obtained such substantial support from the Lombardy Region has led to a considerable contribution from the state for Lombard universities, since one of the criteria for the division between the regions is precisely how much the individual regions allocate with their own funds.

The fact that the Politecnico allocates, out of its own pocket, such an onerous sum for eligible students of DSU scholarship shows us how much our University believes in the preparation of its students “capable and deserving even if without means”.

We will continue to work in the coming months in contact with the Lombardy Region, also through the Regional Committee for the Right to Education, so that the necessary funds can be allocated and so that we continue to reflect on the importance of the university and the related funding to be provided.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Best regards,

Lista Aperta Team.

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