Trip to Lisbon

Lista Aperta offers you a journey to discover one of the most characteristic European capitals with its colors, scents and traditions.
We offer you the opportunity to enjoy all that this capital has to offer with a five-day and four-night trip starting from Milan on Saturday 8 October and returning on Wednesday 12 October.

Departure is scheduled in the early hours of Wednesday morning from Bergamo Orio al Serio airport (to be reached independently, with the convenient “shuttle”, departing from Milan Central Station),
in order to reserve the time necessary once we arrive to deposit the bagli at the hotel that will host us for the duration of the stay, reachable by bus or with a shuttle dedicated by the managers of the place that hosts us, in the afternoon we will begin to see what the center of the capital has to offer.

In the days that we will stay in this great and characteristic European capital we will dedicate the first two to visit the city following in the footsteps left by some of the greatest architects in the capital, such as Souto de Mura, A. Siza, and Clatrava.
In the time that will remain at our disposal we will not fail to submit to you the view of the city on the ocean as well as some of the buildings that have most characterized the development of Portuguese culture.

On the last day we decided to dedicate the whole day (until the departure to Milan), to a tour in the streets of the city to discover its neighborhoods and some of the historical attractions that most characterize the architectural and historical tradition of the city.

Sunday morning we will pack our bags knowing that we can leave them at the hotel for a few hours (which is enough for us to savor some of the latest ideas of the city), and once we reach the Lisbon airport with a bus we will leave for Milan.

The registration fee is €200 and excludes meals, instead breakfast will be included.

Registrations will open on Thursday 7 September at 12:00 on this site at the following link:

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